4 Typical Ghanaian Situations That Cause Even The Calmest Person To Lose Their Temper

The average Ghanaian is calm and peaceful. They try to stay in their lane and mind the business that pays them but there are certain situations that will bring out the “violence” in them. Here are some of them.

1. Struggling for trotro

Struggling for trotro when other people are around is not the time to act calm and collected. At bus stations, you’re encouraged to form queues so it’s first come first served but at different junctions, if there are a lot of people, you have to push your way into finding a seat for yourself otherwise you’ll stand there and be late for work or school if it’s in the morning.

2. When a family member of theirs is insulted

It’s a rule somewhere that we are the only ones who can act some type of way with our parents. Once someone else acts the same way, towards them, we can even end our friendship with them. Similarly, we are the only ones who can insult our siblings. Once anyone else does it, it’s war.

3. When their team doesn’t win a game

This mostly applies to guys. When their team doesn’t win, you can even see the type of tweets they put out and can just tell how angry they are. If they are at viewing centers, it gets worse because there’s alcohol present and the people who support the winning team will take it upon themselves to tease those who lost making matters worse.

4. When someone wants to jump a queue

No matter who the person is, we don’t care. Next time they should come early and join the queue like everyone else. If you’ve had protocol before and you’ve been given the chance to jump a queue, you understand how “violent” people can be. They may not hurt you physically but the insults alone can cause chest pains.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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