4 Hacks To Help You Survive Exams This Semester

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Exams in the university have a way of sneaking up on you. Just in case you’re looking for some extra tips to get you through the season, we’ve got you covered. These 4 hacks will help you sail through your exams this semester.

The Quizlet App

Quizlet App

Quizlet is a mobile app that allows you to use flashcards to help you study for exams. The app has a lot of other features, but for exam prep creating your own flashcards and using them to revise for exams will help you ace them.

Ditch The All Nighters

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There’s nothing like the thrill of having to cram down an entire chapter nights before an exams. But, the brain needs sleep in order to make new information stick. You want to avoid too many late nights during examination season.

Talk To Your Lecturers

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

Your lecturers have office hours during which students are free to walk in. Have a question or two when you go speak to them and it will help you understand how they think and how they might go about setting their questions.

Take Care Of Yourself

Putting in the work with regards to your studies means that you get to take a break every once in a while. Take a nap, make yourself a snack and make sure you’ve made rest a part of your routine.

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