How To Style Sweatpants To Make Them Look Chic

Sweatpants are amazing because on one hand, you can look like you are homeless and later switch up the look with those same pants and you’ll look chic! You can easily dress sweats up and make them look a lot more stylish than you ever thought they could be, creating an outfit you can rock just about anywhere. Here are 5 ways to do that.

1. Pair them with a coat or blazer

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Get a cropped fitting top and throw on a long coat or blazer on top of it to give you a more put together look.

2. Monochrome look

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Get a co-ordinated set and rock it with sneakers, preferably white ones or even boots.

3. Get a tank top

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Wear it with a tank top and for an additional razor dazzle, tie a little sweater around your neck and get a pair of sneakers to complete the look.

4. Style other parts of your look

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Your outfit will look more casual if your hair is in a messy bun or it’s just not done. Style your hair and wear accessories and get some heels and watch your look move from casual to chic.


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