7 Different Types Of Men In Relationships

Each man is very unique and so there isn’t a particular way to deal with them all when in a relationship. Once you get to know where your guy falls, it’s easier to understand how they think and let’s you know whether or not the relationship will make you happy considering what you’re expecting from the relationship.

1. The Emotionally Unavailable

Most of the time, these ones tell you straight up that they aren’t ready for any relationship. They usually want to be friends with benefits because they aren’t ready for a relationship yet. If you decide to be fwb and you fall for them, sorry. Unless they allow themselves to fall in love with you and be ready emotionally, you’ll have unrequited love.

2. The lavish spenders

They don’t wait for you to ask. Once you give them hints, they’ll get whatever you want for you. They’ll give you a lot of money to shop for whatever you want and they’ll take you to the most expensive places. It’s easy to fall in love with someone who spends so lavishly on you but you need to make sure that you’re being treated right. Know your worth and know that he isn’t worth it if he’s always cheating on you or doesn’t respect you or hurts you physically and emotionally. Also, make sure you save when with him because anything can happen. If you can, start a business with his help so that if the relationship fails, you’ll still have income from somewhere.

3. The stingy ones

There’s a difference between being stingy and not having money to give. These ones have the money but for them to pick their wallets and give you money, like they’ll cut off their hands.

4. The big babies

These ones are the cutest. Outside, they act all tough and what not. Nobody can walk over them. They know what they’re about and hold various positions at work but they drop all of that when they’re with you. They want to be by your side always; they like it when you play with their beard and always want to snuggle up with you. Some even like to be the little spoon when spooning.

5. The “boy”

These ones are old but still act like they’re 16 years old. He leaves all the major decisions to be made by the woman without giving any input whatsoever which might even be a good thing since nothing he suggests will be workable. He is more concerned about his mode of dressing than his character. A boy is loose, he will kiss and tell and talks about everything in his relationship to everybody. He never worries about his future because he never wants to grow.

6. The parasite

They’re there because they need you to help them pay off some loans and help fix stuff that are broken in his life all at your own expense. He’s a parasite because, you don’t benefit anything from the relationship. He’s the one who does.

7. The romantic guys

These ones are straight from storybooks romantic. They know you and give you the type of attention you crave for. They know your love language and they act on it. It’s easy to fall in love with them over and over and over again because they keep doing everything right. Ladies if you have this guy, don’t fumble the relationship please.

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