7 Unquestionably Awesome Netflix Original Series That You Should Binge

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It’s no secret that Netflix has been on a clean streak with a lot of their original shows. They consistently produce shows that are top tier. However, even among all of those Netflix originals, there are some shows that stand out because you will literally not see any others like them.

1. Love, Death & Robots

Poster for Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots

If you’re looking for a show that will make you shout wtf right from episode one, that show is Love, Death & Robots. The series is an anthology of adult animations that are mind-bending and visually captivating. While some episodes can be wholesome, other episodes can be equally as disorienting.

2. You

Poster for Netflix’s You

You is a very popular Netflix series and for a good reason. The show is hardly ever what you expect that it’s going to be. In fact, it starts out with a character type that we’re all familiar with: the nice guy who goes after the unattainable girl. The show’s premise is sweet until this twist; he’s a stalker.

3. Black Mirror

Poster for Netflix’s Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a show that shows how futuristic technology can affect the way that we behave. The show is an anthology, and each episode will raise questions about our relationship with technology that you didn’t know you had. Episodes are also wildly entertaining and incredibly acted out.

4. Lupin

Poster for Netflix’s Lupin

Lupin follows the story of Assane Diop, a thief who happens to be a fan of the ‘Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Thief’ books. If you’re a fan of shows where wit and cunning are always on display, you’re going to love Lupin. Think a modern day Sherlock Holmes but with next level stealing skills, and French.

5. Stranger Things

Poster for Netflix’s Stranger Things

The original Netflix horror is excellent at transporting viewers back to a point in the 80’s. The alien horror, is science fiction that is marked by amazing character work.

6. Big Mouth

Poster for Netflix’s Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a show that leaves you wondering who it was even made for. Although the themes of the show center around children coming into their puberty, the comedy pieces (which will have you laughing on the floor) are extremely unfiltered.

7. The Umbrella Academy

Poster for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a very different kind of superhero show. For one, the heroes we’re following end up destroying the world on multiple occasions. Those heroes are seven powered children who are adopted by a rich eccentric hoping to turn them into superheroes by establishing an academy for them.

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