5 Struggles Women Trying To Grow Their Hair Can Relate To

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Most ladies want long hair or full blown afros that will turn heads when walking and because of that, they buy so many products that promise them “hair growth” but still do not work.

One factor we all keep forgetting is that, with hair, our genetics also play a role. People have certain curl patterns and growth rates because it’s in their genes.

Your own genes are characterized with slower hair growth but that growth is still there. If you’re a part of those who struggle with their growth, you’ll relate to these things.

1. When you go to the salon, the hairdresser tries to convince you to perm

Everyone who sees you have “stunted” natural hair wants to encourage you to perm your hair so you see your “true length.”

2. When people see your hair, you start to explain how you had hair when you were a kid

Meanwhile nooobody has asked you anything. Once you see the expressions on their faces, you just have to explain.

3. All your money has gone into hair products

You have become a product junkie because every brand is promising hair growth and length but still, your hair is where it is. No real improvements.

4. You keep putting food in your hair

From rice water to onions to other vegetables. Once you see someone talking about it, you go to the University of YouTube to find out how it’s done so you do some. Needless to say, they don’t work for you.

5. This is you when you see someone with long flourishing hair…

If we’ve described you to the T, I’ll advice that you see a hair professional and explain what is going on with your hair. They’re the best people to seek advice from and not influencers or YouTube. Stop wasting your money on products that will most likely not work.

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