How To Achieve The Perfect Finger Coil Hairstyle

Finger coils is a hairstyle that people love mostly because once you’re tired of it, you can switch up the hairstyle into something else and it will still look good.

Finger coils are created by using your finger to create beautiful, defined coils. You can do this style on either short or long hair. Keep reading to know how it’s done.

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition your hair

Your style will last longer if it’s done on clean hair so it’s important to wash and condition your hair with products that have enough slip.

Step 2: Detangle

Comb your hair out and make sure the product in it is evenly distributed within the hair.

Step 3: Get your Styling Product

Use a styler that is moisturizing and provides a hold. For finger coils, you can use a curling cream or gel. Emulsify the product before applying to the hair, making sure that each strand is covered with product but try not to use too much as it will cause flaking.

Step 4: Technique

Section the hair and twirl the hair around your finger piece by piece until you’re done and then you can air dry or use a dryer. Once your coils are dried, they can be teased with an Afro pick, separated for volume, or stretched into an updo. 


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