5 Foods To Avoid Eating Before Bed To Prevent Snoring

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There’s nothing as annoying as you not being able to sleep even after long day because your partner or roommate keeps snoring really loudly.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to someone snoring including posture and diet.

Snoring happens due to the airflow that vibrates the loose tissues in our throat. During the various stages of sleep, the tissues and muscles in our throats are so loose that our nasal passages get constricted. That’s when we start to produce wheezing, and hoarse sounds that annoy the people around us. (Source: timesofindia.com)

Today we will be talking about the latter. Here are foods we all should try to avoid eating before seeing as they contribute to us snoring.

1. Sugar

Processed sugar can become acidic and lead to over production of mucus. As almost all foods are doused with sugar these days, the list of offenders is endless – sweets, chocolates, tinned foods, pastries and pies, soft drinks, energy drinks. (Source: snoremeds.com)

2. Fruit

Natural sugars can cause the same type of inflammation that processed sugar does. Both processed and natural sugar will spike your energy levels. Therefore, if you eat them right before going to bed, you won’t get a good night’s sleep, and you’ll most likely be restless. (Source: snoringsource.com)

3. Dairy products

Milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products encourage your body to produce extra mucus. Some people also find dairy hard to digest. Eating cheese at night may be particularly bad and, even if you are only slightly lactose intolerant, that will only go to make things worse. (Source: dawnstudy.com)

4. Alcohol

A common myth is that drinking helps in relaxing nerves and promotes sound sleep. Well, as we said this is a myth and rather it leads to losing muscles, which increases snoring and is not a healthy practice, if you suffer from this health condition. (Source: timesofindia.com)

5. Coffee

Coffee not only increases the inflammation in your airways but it also keeps you awake. If you drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks that contain caffeine right before going to bed, you will likely run into problems. Coffee is an even bigger problem than alcohol when it comes to snoring, and you should avoid it at least 4 hours before going to bed. (Source: snoringsource.com)

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