Here’s Why You Need To Do A Pre-Wedding Shoot

Usually called an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding shoot is a photo shoot that usually takes place month(s) prior to the wedding day. A number of people don’t see the use but here are some of the key benefits of choosing to shoot it before your wedding.

1. Helps ease awkwardness

A lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera but doing this trial run will help ease the feeling of awkwardness and will help build a rapport between both of you and the photographer. It gives you an idea of how the photographer operates, and what to expect from them on your wedding day. Also, it gives your photographer a chance to work out how to pull the best out of you as a couple. 

2. You have professional photos for your wedding invitation

A number of people like to send images of themselves with a “save the date” edit as a digital invite. If you’re a part of this group, you’ll need professional images for the invite.

3. More pictures of both of you

A lot of times, the couples don’t have too many pictures of them together. Photos are memories and it’s really good to have those pre-wedding memories.

4. Decorate your walls

When you move in together, you can decorate your walls together. Your pre wedding shoot can be done at a different location, you can use a specific theme, use classy props and the likes just so it is different.


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