3 Questions That Can Make Job Interviews Awkward

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Job interviews are a natural part of the hiring process. The conversations had during an interview are invaluable in assessing a candidate’s fit. But man, interviews can get awkward really fast. Here are some questions that always seem to be the reason.

Why Are You Looking For A New Job

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When you’re asked this question, you want to answer without badmouthing your former employer. This usually leads to candidates over-explaining their reason for leaving. A simple answer that you can give is that your current employer doesn’t provide as much learning opportunities as you would like.

How Much Are You Looking To Earn In The Role

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Conversations around salary can always trip up a candidate, especially so if you haven’t done your research. It would so much more convenient if employers shared how much they are willing to pay for a role.

How Long Do You Plan To Stay Here

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Employers look for loyalty in their new employees, so when this question comes up, your answer should be confident and show that you’re positive about the role you’re about to occupy.

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