5 Things Ghanaian Parents Say To Justify A Beating

As kids, one thing we knew for sure was that if we messed up, we were going to get beaten. The beatings didn’t have to be with a cane but anything could be used as a tool be it slippers, belt and the likes.

Right after the beating, when we would be sulking in one corner or crying our eyes out, they start to feel bad and try explaining why they had to beat us with these statements.

1. Spare the rod and spoil the child

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Lmao! This one actually has Biblical backing and you had no choice but to listen to them explain why you had to be disciplined because God said so.

2. It’s for your own good

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Me being chased around and being beaten is for my own good? How?

3. You pushed me to do this

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One thing that we all know now about Ghanaian parents is that they’ll never take responsibility for certain things and situations like this is one of them.

4. Next time you won’t do that again

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True. Next time we won’t do it again but not because we know the implications of our actions but because you beat us and we don’t want to be beaten like thieves.

5. … *cricket sound*

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Worst of all, they won’t say anything to you. After crying, it’s either you go and apologize for what you did or you sulk till you get back to normal with them and move on with life.

I know most of us currently appreciate the discipline we went through with our parents because if not for that we would have been really wayward kids but I t’s important for us to be better when dealing with our younger brothers and sisters and our own kids so they know why they’re being beaten or shouted at or being disciplined in general.

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