Some Great Ghanaian Fiction Blogs Worth A Follow

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

If you’re someone who loves reading the local talent, you’re in for a treat. These Ghanaian writers have incredible blogs with stories that will have you clinging to your phone. What are you looking for? Contemporary fiction? Some steamy romance? Short stories written in Pidgin? Scroll down to see our list.

The Ink Magician’s Blog

This blog has pidgin stories that will leave you bowled over laughing, as well as some unique stories written in English. The blog also has satirical takes on the current affairs. Blog.


This blog is an award winning blog of Ghanaian short story series that will have you checking each week for updates. There’ an ongoing one that I particularly like. Akosua Rona. Blog.

Letters From This Heart

If you’re looking for stories with some real soul, things that will make you feel, then this blog is one that you should check out. The stories have characters so fleshed out that it’s almost impossible not to get attached. Blog.



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