8 Things Ladies Who Have Been Pursued By Guys They Don’t Like Can Relate To

Majority, if not all ladies have had guys pursue them even when they weren’t interested. We’ve all given our numbers out to some men just because we didn’t want to be called rude, we didn’t want a scene, we were just worried about our safety, or we wanted to give it a try and later, or we didn’t know how to end it. If you’re a part of the latter, this one is for you.

1. You when you tried to block him but you remember you work with them, you’re in the same class with them or they’re your neighbours. Long story short, you see them almost everyday and how to explain that you’ve blocked them is long chale.

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2. You when you see their call

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3. The one time you decide to answer their calls and give them a chance, they end up boring you to death

4. You end up hanging up with a silly excuse and tell them that you’ll call them back but…

5. When you run into them you try to hide before they see you

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6. When they see you before you get a chance to hide

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7. You get in your feelings a little when they don’t text you anymore because, well, why have they moved on? Can’t they fight for you? Guys of nowadays de33. Small rejection noorr they’ve moved on

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8. You when another guy wants your number

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