Warner Bros. Pictures Unveils Animated Version Of Its Updated Logo

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures has just unveiled its new animated logo. Coinciding with its update from 2019 made with design firm Pentagram, the animated logo is slimmed down and shows reflections of silver along with its old gleam of gold just before revealing the full white and blue logo.

As part of changes taking place before its 100th anniversary in 2023, the update is said to “bring the studio more in line with 21st-century sensibilities.” When the 2019 redesign took place, CEO Ann Sarnoff commented, “We know that a strong brand gives us not just a road map but a sense of purpose. It puts our feelings of pride into words. And it helps us communicate who we are to our employees, our creative and business partners, and our fans around the world.”

Check out the logo that will be appearing on all upcoming films. The one below was seen in the beginning of the HBO Max Original Film, Locked Down.

Source: Hypebeast

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