Software Engineer Shares Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Career

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Software engineering is one of the few technical fields that you can start a career in without necessarily having a degree. However, starting out there are some mistakes that you might make without enough guidance. That is why a young software engineer has shared, from his experience, some mistakes that newer software engineers might make with regards to their careers.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my software engineering career. If I could go back, there’s a lot I’m going to change. Here’s my top advice for anyone building a career in software engineering: Thread 👇

1. 🔍 Reputation and opportunity is everything in this industry. Your network determines how easy it is for you to get jobs, opportunities and contracts. From day one, make yourself known. Write blog articles every time you learn something new. If you’re into video, start a YT channel. Apply to speak at events. Put yourself out there. Send DMs to as many people as you can, requesting reviews of your work, career advice. Expand your network as much as you can. Do open source work. The more you do, the faster you grow.

2. 👩‍💻 Knowing 100 frameworks and programming languages is a myth. The top programmers in the industry are always known for either just one framework or programming language. Choose the most promising technology you’re absolutely passionate about, and focus your entire energy on it. Become a known expert at it and it’ll pay off for itself in due time.

3. 🪜 If you want to move up the ladder, your people skills need to be top notch. Empathy, communication, collaboration are unavoidable skills you must master to grow in your career. Learn code, but also read books about being a soft skills engineer. Love people, respect people, empathize with them, no matter how much you disagree with them and their ideas.

4. 📊 You work for a company to solve the company’s problem. Before writing a single line of code, make sure you can answer the question: How does this line of code help the company I work for make more money, achieve their goals and have happier customers. This should be your thinking. It’ll help you prioritize what’s right, what’s needed. As long as your focus is helping and growing the business you work for, you can’t go wrong.

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Originally tweeted by Kati Frantz (@bahdcoder) on January 18, 2021.



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