6 Hacks That Will Change How You Use Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is one of those applications that everyone uses, but underestimates. It’s more than just a text editor and we’ll prove it. Here are some hacks we’ve put together that will change how you use the software.

Start With A Template

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Although templates have been around for a while and are quite simple to use, they are usually overlooked. Whenever you’re starting a new document, look for a template that fits your needs (if you’re connected to the internet that gives you even more options). Templates save you the time you would use to format your document, which we all know can be frustrating.

Create Your Own Template

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If you can’t find a template for a type of document that you have to create regularly, you can make your own template. Just set up the document the way that you want, and then click on File and Save as Template.

Change Case Without Retyping

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Have you ever typed something and then wished that you could put it in all caps, or maybe even just put the first letters in caps, or go from caps to small letters. Whatever the case (pun intended), you can select the text whose case you want to change and just press Shift F3 to cycle through all the different case types.

Start A Bulleted List

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If you want to start a bulleted list, all that you have to do is type in an asterix where you want your list to start, and then hit the space bar. The same with numbering, type in a number followed by a full stop, and then hit the space bar.

Select All

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Just hitting CTRL + A on your keyboard will select all the text in your document. It’s helpful if you want to change font size (Ctrl + ] to increase and Ctrl + [ to decrease), or whatever else you want to do.

Make Use Of Find And Replace

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Here’s another feature that everybody should already be using, but in case you aren’t, Find and Replace allows you to search for a word in your document and replace an instance (or all instances) of it with another word.

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