5 Bad Skincare Habits We Need To Stop

There are a number of things we keep doing to our skin that may be responsible for our breakouts and acne scars. Here are some of them.

1. Popping pimples

If seeing pimples on your skin is a problem for you because you can’t help but pick at it, try to remember this. That pimple will be gone in a matter of days or at most, weeks but once you start playing with it, the scar it leaves will last a lifetime.

2. Touching your face

Yep! Not the same. Some people like to touch their face just because they can but this isn’t right because your hands touch a lot of surfaces and have germs on them. Your face is constantly exposed to bacteria and harmful germs which can cause breakouts on your face.

3. Drinking too much alcohol

Drinking more than one cocktail a day makes your skin suffer. Alcohol increases the level inflammatory agents in the bloodstream which can hasten skin sagging over time.

4. Insufficient water intake

Water is generally thought to hydrate and plump up the skin cells to make the skin look brighter and more elastic. Insufficient water intake can therefore potentially lead to dryness, flakiness and reduced suppleness of the skin.

5. Over exfoliating

When exfoliating, try to remember that less is more. Too much exfoliation will irritate your skin, making it dry and will cause your skin to over-produce oil to make up for the moisture it lost, triggering a breakout.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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