Here Are 10 Disturbing Facts President Akufo-Addo Shared In His COVID-19 Update Address

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The coronavirus pandemic is having an uptake in the country.

The cases are going up and the President has warned that he will not hesitate to announce lock down procedures if the cases continue to rise.

In the President’s address last night, here are 10 things the President said that should be a matter of concern for every Ghanaian:

In one week, Ghana has recorded more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases as the cases rise from 900 to 1,924 within the space of one week.

COVID-19 treatment centers have gone from having zero patients to being full within the space of two weeks.

On average, the Ghana Health Service has confirmed 200 new cases on a daily basis in the past couple of days.

Within the last week, the number of severe cases have gone from 18 to 120.

Furthermore, while there was no critical cases two weeks ago, we currently have 33 in our health centers.

Fourteen more people have died from COVID-19 complications bringing the death toll to 352 people.

Only three out of the 16 regions do not have active COVID-19 cases. The President believes that if the current trend of infections continue, this will overwhelm the health infrastructure.

A significant number of those getting infected are relatively youthful people.

According to the President, most of the people getting infected have a history of either clubbing, attending a wedding, funeral or celebratory event where they disregarded all safety protocols.

Ghana has recorded a new variance of coronavirus after scientists conducted a genomic sequencing. Scientists are yet to determine if there is community spread of the virus.


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