3 Ugly Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Coffee

Photo by Foodie Factor from Pexels

New week, new Monday, fresh cup of coffee. Right? While a little caffeine can be good for you, there are some pretty ugly side effects that leave you with regretting your last cup.

Your Anxiety

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

Drinking multiple cups of coffee per day can increase your anxiety levels and even cause stress and depression (source: Journal of Psychopharmacology).

You’re Not Sleeping Well

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Regularly drinking coffee can mess with your sleep patterns, especially if you’re taking cups during the day. It can also contribute to sluggishness after sleep.

You’re Jittery

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You should know that you have taken too much coffee when you can literally feel your fingers shaking. According to eatthis.com, that can be described as a caffeine overdose.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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