Sony’s First PlayStation 5 Restock of 2021 Instantly Sells Out

Times are tough for those still struggling to get their hands on Sony‘s next-gen PlayStation 5. On January 14, the Sony Rewards Twitter account announced a limited PS5 restock for the next day, sparking much excitement amongst fans craving the ballyhooed console. True to its word, the account issued a link to Sony’s website just prior to 12 PM, granting those who clicked through access to small number of consoles, which came with an extra controller.

Unsurprisingly, the consoles instantly sold out. Surprisingly, the PlayStation 5 consoles could only be purchased by exchanging Sony Rewards points — appropriate given the account that teased the restock but an unusual hurdle nonetheless.

Weighing in at an imposing sum of 56,998 points and limited to one unit per member, Sony may have anticipated the consoles lasting longer than they did, considering the clock on the landing page that is still ticking down from 15 hours, despite all consoles being gone. If nothing else, the resounding demand is demonstrative of a tight supply incapable of satisfying the immense demand.

Source: Hypebeast

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