Follow These Tips To Make Sure Your Customers Recommend You

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As a business, your most valuable source of new clients and patronage is word of mouth. Good reviews to friends and family, or even just a mention of your brand in passing can lead to new business. Good customer service gets your clients to squeal about your business to anyone who will listen. These tips will help turn your business into the people’s favourite.

Being Friendly Costs You Nothing

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Whether you have a good experience with a vendor, or a bad one, you usually want to spill to someone who will listen. You naturally want to recommend a brand that treats you like you matter. Build genuine connections with your customers, have a positive attitude and they’ll tell family and friends about you.

Respond To Customer Inquiries As Fast As Possible

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A smooth line of communication between customers and your support team helps them build trust for your brand. A business that is there for customers when they have challenges with service delivery is one that they are likely to recommend.

Create Content That Generates Interaction

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Your brand is ultimately tied to the service that you provide. Not all of your posts need to be marketing that’s telling customers what you can do. Instead your content should be geared to starting conversations and generating buzz. Influencer marketing is a great way to go about this.

Ask For Customer Reviews

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As a business, you would never put out marketing that paints your business in a bad light. That fact makes any customer take your word with a grain of salt. However, a customer review on the other hand, will be better received. Ask your customers to tweet about their experience, or mention you in a Facebook post.



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