4 Little But Significant Habits That Strengthens Relationships


As much as grand gestures are admirable and are really exciting to see as they sometimes involve everyone around you, usually, it’s the little ones that matter. The intimate ones help bring both of you even closer.

1. Make contact

Whether you’re going to hug or hold hands, non-sexual touching is essential to a healthy relationship. In addition to prompting the release of oxytocin, touching also promotes greater trust and connection between couples.

2. Check up on each other

Sending that text to ask how they’re doing or asking if they’ve eaten or asking if they made it home okay won’t take much of your time. These are small but powerful gestures that will really make a world of difference.

3. Giving in to impulse

It’s inevitable that with time everything falls into a routine. Habits that are routines feel safe because you’ve done them over and over and so they’re reliable but once in a while you need to allow yourself be impulsive. Take that unplanned trip. Make very random plans and follow through with it. It’s important to change it up from time to time to alter our thinking, provide a new perspective, and create interest and excitement

4. Take mental notes

Remembering the things your partner likes and dislikes is really important since it shows that you actually listen to them when they talk and you observe them. Once you know this, you can get them things they’ll enjoy and not things they can’t really use.

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