Stingy Men Association: How It Started And Celebs That Have Registered

Stingy Men Association Ghana, membership card template

The Stingy Men Association has gained popularity on social media this week with celebrities signing up and posting their membership cards online.

The Association is allegedly made up of men who are not willing to spend a lot of money on women that they are in relationships with. The motto of the Association is “Let Me See What I Can Do.”

How it started

The Stingy Men Association trend started in Zambia as a social media trend where Zambian men pledged not to spend more than 5 Zambian Kwacha on their girlfriends.

This trend reportedly caused a Zambian man to assault his wife for repeatedly asking him for money to fix her hair. According to a report by Zambian Observer on November 15, 2020, the man, Mr Leonard Mweembe, told his wife that he could only give her K100 instead of the K150 that she asked for because he was a member of the Stingy Men Association of Zambia (SMAZ). The man was, however, arrested for assault.

The Zambian Observer also reported on November 22, 2020, that the Stingy Men Association of Zambia (SMAZ) purchased an 800 capacity aircraft, two months after it was formed. The money used to purchase the aircraft was reportedly realised from the savings of members.

Celebrities that have joined

The group became popular on Twitter when Nigerian musician and producer Don Jazzy joined the Nigerian affiliate (Stingy Men Association of Nigeria) this week. He posted a membership card which indicated that he is the Head of Union of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria.

Other Nigerian celebrities including Mr Eazi also posted photos of their membership cards to announced that they have joined the Association.

Sarkodie also jumped on the trend and demanded to be added to the Stingy Men Association of Ghana. A membership card was created for him and he was very excited about it.


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