5 Times Trotros Are Extremely Annoying To Sit In

Trotro is very cost effective as they help you save a lot of transportation money but the drivers can be really really annoying! Here are 5 times they tend to give you a high BP.

1. When they stand at your junction to load

They managed to get you but they want more people to join so they’ll stand there and try to load.

2. They break down at any time

If you’ve paid the conductor, you’ll either have to sit there and watch both him and the driver figure out what is wrong with the car or convince them to give you the money. If it doesn’t work and you have extra cash, you’ll have to alight and board another car.

3. They’ll load at another junction

Instead of moving forward and trying to pick people by the road, they’ll be at one place for over 10 minutes trying to get more people. Meanwhile nobody is around.

4. 4 seater buses are very uncomfortable

I’m not sure the people who made these cars thought of Ghanaians when they were making it because Ei! Who are these seats made for? Sometimes what one seat looks like is not even enough space for you.

5. Smell

Some mornings, these cars go and pick people from the market and carry a lot of food items; some of which have a strong smell If you’re going to work and the drive is long, by the time you alight, you’ll have the scent of food items all over you.

Which of these can you relate to? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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