5 Reasons Why Your Hair Keeps Breaking Excessively

Nobody gets excited when they see their hair falling off but it’s a good thing that there’s hair breakage and shedding. Our hair sheds naturally but various activities we do to it like mishandling it, the excess use of chemical products, heat styling tools and using the wrong hairbrush causes it to get really dry and break.

Why is your hair breaking?

Healthy hair depends on an inner cuticle with overlapping scales that keep your strands together. When these scales fall apart, your hair can get dry and eventually separate, leading to damage. This causes breakage, along with other symptoms, such as frizz and dryness.

1. Lack of moisture

Everyone with natural hair should know that our hair thrives on water for moisture. Stop putting oils or Shea butter in your hair as moisture; maybe that’s where the problem is. Deep conditioning every washday should be implemented in your routine. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as it leads to further drying.

2. Towel drying

Using your towel to dry your hair leads to a lot of tangling and breakages eventually. Use a soft T shirt instead or microfiber towels for drying hair.

3. Diet

You are what you eat… literally, especially when it comes to hair and skin health. Certain nutrients help your hair grow and stave off breakage from damage. Make sure you’re getting enough zinc, iron, and folic acid in your daily diet. Adequate protein and antioxidants (found in plant foods) can also keep your hair damage-free. (Source: healthline.com)

4. Blow drying on dripping wet hair

You should let your hair air dry a little before blow drying. If you’re using other heat-styling tools, make sure, again, to use a heat protectant.

5. Chemical Exposure

If you really want to dye your hair you should be prepared for the after care for the rest of your hair’s life or maybe till you cut off the dyed ends. The constant overprocessing contributes directly to breakage. Some people with severe damage may even need to do a dramatic chop so that the hair has a fresh start and a chance to grow back in its virgin state.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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