4 Study Tips To Get You Through Level 100

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Academically, the university and high school are differently paced. In the university, you don’t get as much attention from your lectures, assignments are given out and you have weeks to complete them. The pressure being off in the university also means that it’s possible to get too comfortable, and let your grades slip. Here are some study tips you should keep in mind for your first year.

Your Class Notes Are Really Important

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

Relying on slides means that you’re ready for generic questions, and you’re going to struggle a bit when the questions get a bit more complicated. Take notes in a way that you can understand when you come back to refer to them.

Do Assignments Before The Weekend

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You are usually given at least a week to complete most assignments. And a lot of people tell themselves that they’ll get to it over the weekend. But trust, enjoyment can be distracting. It’s best to do your assignments as soon as you get them, and before the weekend.

Solve Past Questions

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Whenever you have an IA coming up, solve past IA questions for that course. Same for exams. Courses don’t change drastically from year to year so the exam questions end up being on the same things. Solving past questions can really get you ready for an exam.

Take Breaks

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Finally, it’s important not to push yourself too much when you’re exhausted. Taking guilt-free breaks can get you feeling refreshed for when you return top your studies.

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