3 Social Marketing Missteps That You Want To Avoid

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Most of us are already taking advantage of the digital marketing opportunities that social media brings in order to promote our businesses. However, without professional guidance or enough experience social media marketing won’t have the effect on your business that it should. Here are three pitfalls to avoid when growing your business through social media.

Focusing On Follower Count Instead Of Engagement

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Followers are important for your brand. How else are you supposed to reach new customers? However, you shouldn’t just be focusing on the number of followers that you have alone. It’s what you do after you get a follower that matters. You need to be able to turn a new customer into a client. And to do that, you have to interact with your followers by creating organic and engaging content (frequently) that gets them invested in your brand.

Posting Boring, Or Sales Driven Content

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The content you create on social media determines whether your followers will be in a hurry to skip over your posts (or even worse unfollow you), or whether they will engage with it. The key is to have majority of your content created for your followers instead of just promoting your business.

Failing To Boost Content

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Initially, social media marketing was thought of as a free way to get your brand out there. And that still holds, you are grossly under-utilizing the potential of social media marketing if you do not boost your content. You have to pay if you want your content to be seen, and to be able to tap into a wider customer base.

Managing a business and being behind the marketing efforts at the same time can spread you thin. Finding someone to help with the tasking social media management can also have positive effects on your business.

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