HR Manager Shares 5 Tiny Details That Can Hurt You Job Application

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If you’re unemployed, and on Twitter, then you should definitely be following the Job Tube Twitter account. In addition to sharing job opportunities, the account manager, a seasoned HR professional has recently shared CV details that you might overlook which can actually hurt your chances of landing a job that you’ve applied for.

First Name, Last Name

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Unless otherwise specified, you should have your first name first on your application and your last name after that. Putting your last name first only creates confusion.

Multiple Contact Details

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Using multiple phone numbers or multiple email addresses on your application creates the impression that you’re hard to reach. You want to stick to one email address and one phone number on your CV.

Primary School Education

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When you’re listing your educational background on your CV, you usually want to avoid going back any further than your SHS education. List just your university qualification if you have one, and SHS qualification if that is your highest level attained.

Properly Date Your Work History

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On your CV, always include clear timelines. That means the month and years when you started and ended previous roles. This allows recruiters to follow and even be able track gaps in work history.

Don’t List Family As References

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Recommendation letters and references from family on your CV do not go a long way in convincing a recruiter to give you a role. Instead, it’s better to go with unbiased feedback from previous employers and coworkers.



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