All The Types Of Lecturers You’ll Find In University

Now that you’re in the University, I’m sure you think all is rosy. You can decide whether or not you want to miss lectures to just hang out with friends or just lay in bed. While this is partly true, there are some lecturers who won’t tolerate such behaviors. Since lecturers are the ones who will determine whether you’ve passed or failed, here are the different types of University lecturers and what to expect from them.

1. No-nonsense lecturers

They don’t care about the reason why you were late. It’s either they close the lecture hall doors and get the names and index numbers of those who came earlier and later allow you inside or when you attempt entering late, they’ll put you in blast in front of everyone.

2. The storytellers

By the time the lecture is over, you would know half of the lecturer’s life story without even remembering what the lecture was actually about.

3. The preachers

Some of the lecturers are pastors and if you like coming for lectures in short clothes or sagged jeans or you have a lot of piercings, one day they’ll call you after class to preach to you.

4. Those who won’t pass anyone

If the smartest person in the class is getting a D, how much more you?

5. The cool ones

They’re pretty chill about everything. They won’t worry you when you come to lectures late or don’t come at all. If you miss a quiz, they might do another one to benefit the whole class again.

6. The seasonal ones

They’ll never come to lectures. The whole Sem you’ll see them 3 times; at the beginning of the sem, in the middle and right before exams. Your class representative will be their mouthpieces. Remember; the fact that they aren’t coming doesn’t mean they’ll pass you. You need to get all the notes they pass down to you through your class rep and make sure you learn.

7. The entrepreneurs

They either wrote their own books or they went to buy the books in bulk just to sell it to you and make profit. And you must buy these books, not because the books will come out in the exam, but because your name in the list of those who paid is what will help you pass the exams.

8. The confused ones

They don’t even know what they’re teaching and at the end of every lecture, you’ll end up being even more confused than when you entered the lecture hall.

9. The Easy A

They will not stress you and you’ll not stress them. All you need to do is put in the effort and they’ll push you to get the highest mark. These lecturers are the best.

10. The rappers

You need to be very sharp for these ones. They come and rattle a lot of things and then they’ll leave. If you ask them to slow down, they’ll tell you time is of the essence and you need to finish the syllabus.


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