4 Rules For Being Friends With Benefits That You Can’t Compromise On

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If you’ve agreed to being friends with benefits then you have to be just that; Friends With Benefits. You get to have all the fun with sex without having to endure the relationship baggage that comes with it. You’re both there to satisfy your carnal needs; nothing more, nothing less. Here are some rules you don’t have to compromise otherwise your friends with benefits situation will end in shambles.

1. Use protection

The whole point of this setup is that there will be no attachments and commitments. What more can ruin this situation if not a pregnant scare or even an infection? Remember, since it’s just a fwb situation, you don’t know the number of people your partner is doing this with.

2. You never get jealous

The lack of commitment in this situation makes it possible for your sexual partner to have multiple partners and if they’re the only one you’re sleeping with, you would need to guard your feelings. There’s no room for jealousy here.

3. Keep communication to a minimum

You don’t need to talk to them everyday at every time. You don’t need to know where they are and what they’re doing and who they’re with. That’s being in a relationship. You’ll both get attached or one person will and what started out as something fun may just end up being too complicated. You’ll lose both a friend and a lover.

4. Choose wisely

You cannot choose a coworker to do this with and not expect things to become painfully awkward in the office when you 2 break up. It would be so obvious to everyone that something happened between you 2.

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