These Are The Most Confusing Movies Of All Time!

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Everyone who thinks of themselves as an intellectual movie buff loves to watch though-provoking features. However, even for people who fall into that category, there have to be limits. Today, we’ve got a weird list for you. These are literally the most confusing movies ever. This is for all of you smart asses out there … let’s see how well you do with these movies.


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Tenet, Tenet, Tenet. Tenet why? Ei. Was this movie made for mortals at all? There’s no convincing me that whoever wrote the script for this movie hadn’t taken an infused brownie or six before they sat to type. Can’t even write a description because I still barely have an idea what the movie was about. The movie is about a former CIA operative who is recruited to save the world from future technology.

The Matrix

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The Matrix has earned a spot as one of those untouchable classics for people of its time. However, that plot is still wildly confusing. Especially, those second and third movies. Apart from getting you to pretend you know which colour pill does what, Matrix also contains a lot … a lot of logic defying stunts that will simultaneously excite you and have you asking what at all even just happened.


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And of course, this list can’t do without mentioning the notorious block buster Inception. This movie follows Leonardo DiCaprio as he enters people’s dreams and steals their secrets, eventually being challenged to plant an idea in someone’s head. You think you have a high IQ until you are utterly humbled by this movie. You might need a couple of watches to get it.


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This movie actually has a very original story that would be perfect if it wasn’t so confusing. Or maybe it’s perfect because it’s so confusing. Memento follows the story of our action hero, a man who suffers from short term memory loss, as he hunts the person who killed his wife using notes and tattoos to keep him on track.

Here’s something that you may not have known. Christopher Nolan directed three out of the four movies on this list. Yes, that man has made it his life’s mission to mess with out heads.



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