Lyrics: Rap Along To Khaligraph Jones And Sarkodie’s “Wavy”

Khaligraph Jones, Sarkodie
Collage of Sarkodie and Khaligraph Jones

All everyone has been talking about since it dropped yesterday is this song featuring Sarkodie. The song, from Kenyan superstar, Khaligraph Jones is titled “Wavy” and has been trending on Twitter. As usual, the two rappers have been pitted against each other with people trying to determine who killed whom.

Press play and check out the lyrics below:


(I believe that, I believe that)
Eyoo Motif
Turn me up on ’em headphones bro

Gadamn feel like am finally back in the zone
You want it I got it then I be happy to show
We be cracking the code with the bro King Sark
It’s the O to the G with the capital O

Oh shit but I pull up I choppa and go ham
Piling em b– is the part of the program
The terminator ready to chapa niggas sana
With the machette
But you niggas ain’t ready for the call name

Finna fck this game up
Mtherfckers tryna figure how I came up
I’m a killer on the loose
Somebody beg every nigga in the feature
— going it ain’t no luck

Been sick since highschool
I play head and thinking I might loose
But buda I been making right moves
I love it when they under estimate my ambitions
Coz they don’t know what am planning
Or anything I might do
Damn bro chill…

— lazima nikule ain’t nobody taking no chances
Got my city on my back and —
Buda ka ni kuroga then you know the champ is
Niko juu na mamaster wamefuga marasta
Wako gooner na Tusker kama Nesta
Nawachuna sadaka na hii lugha mahustler
Bro hakuna matata bora pesa

Omollo jaBondo am on a roll (Yes)
If coulda take it I gotta poll (Bless)
Sibishani na majuniour wana know (Less)
But tupa na ikifika pia ni flow (Fresh)

Nimekuwa Kayole kutoka ’90’s
Ukinitaka then you know where you can find me
You ain’t step “F” outta the hood you soft nigga
I been taking over Africa like am the fcking Chinesse

Only two niggas in the game who know how to rap right
You a pussy and you living in your last life
So — ya kuchochana ni ufala
Ju hauwezi rusha unapenda cat fight

Last night nilimake thao soo tatu
Another reason mbona leo ninafeel fiti
Hizi labels mnajua zina-owe watu
It’s a petty to the rappers doing 360 damn

All the moves that we making are wavy
You hit the dab we work with the navy
Competition run away coz they are lazy
Combination ya Ronaldo na Messi

All the moves that we making are wavy
You hit the dab we work with the navy
Competition run away coz they are lazy
Combination ya Ronaldo na Messi

[Sarkodie Verse]
Pull up this one is for cover
Men I get the stamina
I’m ready for any rapper
Wow me liki na otu mire
ma medi wo y3 supper
Ain’t nobody better than a niqqa
S3 makyere mo dada
Chuku chaka mati chain
Massa forgeti Okada na ma ben meho na
me de ba mede b3gye mo cafa
Ade3 no ny3 mo dea na 3b3seden na mu nsa aka
Chaley kop3 different ? na 3ha nu meni papa rapper papa na ba
You better gad it all

)se naf3 ne me
Gyama )sipi trumadol
Niqqas wanna battle me but sika (Money) nu dey can’t afford
Mu mp3 nipa ma me aa )se Ghana
Chaley knock it off
S3 mo compare me to Ghana fuo
3shi me rough
Cos mu de mese ho nu mo aa
Nobody be real enough
Mu ny3 mobile money ma me
Na Ghana fuo me ka nea may3
Ama mu yinaa mebo mapawa nu kuraa people no go show me love
This be for the niqqa who dey talk sh!t
K) na k)hy3 corner b3bi controlling the cooperate
Go back
No be any niqqa you dey fvck with
I don’t give a f**k
Nti bra na b3gye chop sticks
Nsem aa 3fe m3num ba 3bi y3 toxic
Punchline bra mefie ma shish3 nu boxes
If you talking money I be MC
Wey still aa dey hammer
Challey you can’t touch this
Still me ko back to the ghetto
Cos I get people rubbering and killing
I get de give a hand out
All you niqqas never give a sh!t about the niqqa

But I made it
Mama turn me who the man now (Now)
Obi mame couple of verses aa m’deliver to the fullest
Tell me ever since I came out
All you rappers wanna be my level
But I made a lot of money why we living in the same house
Fvck off you niqqas nobody rap like this
Mu fri mehyen ko mu nk)hy3 chore practice
Mu feeli me nsu mu use bad tactics
Pop GRA meb3gye rap taxes

Real sh!t i ever row
Menim s3 most of you niqqas just wanna see me broke
Omo p3s3 omo b3ku me but I’m still Wolf
I know life is a lesson
I’ve been taking note
10years no be joke…Ahhh yes[Khaligraph Jones] Eyoo what more could you possibly ask for? Khaligraph Jones Sarkodie
And you expect me to apologise for that?
Okay what you want me to do
Am sorry!

A Khali Sarkodie collabo ngori ni gwan
So we tuchukie lakini ujue shawty ni fan
Na ka hunijui keti mbali stop calling me fam
But hii kitu haitaki hasira bro, — usijam

But ikifika point they wanna cause bodily harm
Si kanuke tu gathee ’cause I be holding me gun
Fck your rolemodel hii missioni ni fun
Na ka si mimi ni nani? Cause there can be only one

If only begun, you wonder —
You wonder —
Na sioni nikicome down
Ju hii Nairobi ni Blunder
Kuna mambogi maclan matothi macham
Kwa mlango yako ya keja ndo hawa maodi hukam

Na ka ni mboka mi hupiga haikosi return
Na ka ni vita buda huwa mi sotoroki sirun
Flow kisiran na ka hukuwa na copy ulearn
Men I think am done, OG Sark its OVER!


All the moves that we making are wavy You hit the dub we work with the navy
Competition run away coz they lazy
Combination ya Ronaldo na Messi

All the moves that we making are wavy
You hit the dub we work with the navy
Competition run away coz they lazy
Combination ya Ronaldo na Messi

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