5 Things To Be Aware Of On Legon Campus As A Fresher

The Balme Library, University Of Ghana

We know it’s overwhelming. The switch from being home all this while to suddenly being plunged in a flurry of activities; trying to get a hall/hostel, struggling to even get a bed, getting stuff for school, even moving in and trying to find your way around the big school. I know it feels like it’s too much but trust me, you’ll be fine soon. For now, here are somethings to be aware of on the Legon campus.

1. Always Be On The Lookout

If we are being fair, we have heard the stories of people being hypnotized everywhere. We’ve seen friends that it has happened to and they didn’t know what to do. Some recall meeting someone and asking for directions. Before they know it, they are giving away their brand new laptop and that of their roommate away to a stranger without their knowledge. Try as much as possible not to walk alone at night and when random people stop you on campus, make it brief and move on.

2. Commonwealth isn’t as scary as you think

Lmao! Ladies, I know the stories people have told about them being a rowdy bunch and when you think about it, it makes sense; a hall full of boys with different characters… scary. Lmao! Just make sure that you have your male companion walking in with you. Don’t look scared or they’ll play on that and please please please, DON’T WEAR RED!!

3. The Akuafo hall annex B male-only block 

Akuafo hall annex B is a male-only block popularly called Gonja. One thing though, there’s a short-cut underneath the block for those going towards JQB or the main gate from Sarbah Hall. There are some days that the boys would gather to shout and say things at you. If you can’t avoid using that route then just walk briskly past.

4. When going to the ‘Diaspora’, carry your student ID along

Someway somehow, the porters know the people who are in the hall. They’ll stop you and ask you to write your name and the person you’re going to see’s name and they’ll ask you to leave some form of identification most preferably, a student ID, there’s no avoiding that. Always, ask for your friend’s room number and memorize it. Also ask for directions so once you enter, you know where exactly you’re going.

5. For IA’s and Exams

IA (Interim Assessment) is equivalent to midterm tests do nobody needs to tell you how important they are for your final score. When going to write the tests or exams, you always need to have your student ID with you otherwise you’ll have to go back to your hall for it. ALWAYS! You can’t talk your way out of it.

I hope these tips help you navigate your way through campus. Remember that this is where you have to solidify your connections. School isn’t just about studying. You need to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the new experience. Remember where you’re coming from and act accordingly.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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