4 Reasons Why Being Creative Is Good For You

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A lot of us have creative outlets that we don’t pay much attention to. We create and it’s fun for us, but we don’t put intention behind it. Hobbyist writers put something down once in a very long while, artists don’t make as much art as they could and it’s all because of … you know, life. But being creative deserves your focus because it’s good for you. Here’s how.

It Increases Your Happiness

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Being creative gives you an escape from the stresses of life, because the process is immersive and literally focuses your hands, as well as your mind. When you like creating it’s also fun, and anything that’s fun to do is something that you should be doing more of.

Gives You A Community

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When you create, and you share your work it creates a window for other people to see another aspect of you. You end up with a community that challenges, appreciates and motivates you to keep creating.

Helps You Become A Better Problem Solver

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Certain aspects of creativity can be taught, but the process is still mostly subjective. For example, someone can teach you to hold a paint brush but they can’t paint for you. The more creative that are the more you build problem solving skills that you can use in other aspects of your life.

It Helps You Become More Self Aware

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The more you create, the more you learn about yourself. You learn about your habits, impulses and even desires. When you’re constantly creating, you learn to respect yourself and in turn better express yourself.

Source: Lillstreet.com


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