4 Popular Dress Codes And What They Mean

Dress codes define your event, sets the atmosphere for it and ensures guests are informed and comfortable with the outfit choices they make but still, nothing is as frustrating as reading the dress code and still not knowing what exactly you’re expected to wear. Here are popular dress codes and what they demand you to wear.

1. Black Tie

Traditionally speaking, a black-tie dress code denotes a formal, evening occasion, where men are meant to wear tuxedos. For the women, you can technically wear anything from a long dress to dressy separates to a formal cocktail dress but if it’s a work function that calls for black tie, it’s more appropriate to wear a little black dress with a statement jewelry.

2. Casual

More than half of the time, casual doesn’t really mean tattered jeans or sweatpants and top. Jeans paired with T-shirts and sneakers for men will do and for ladies, a cute dress or pants and a top will be ideal.

3. Cocktail

For males, you can wear a suit, tie is optional. Women don’t need to wear gowns. Short dresses are cool.

4. Semi-formal

This outfit is dressier than what you’d wear to an office but not as dressy as a formal evening gown or tuxedo. If the event is held in the evening (after 6:00 p.m.), the semi-formal guidelines lean more toward the formal than if it were held during the day.

We hope these tips helped you make sense out of the dress code.

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