3 Major Mistakes Freshers Make Every Single Time

Every fresher every year goes through the same thing you’re going through right now. The frustrations, the experience of a totally new and BIG environment and the stress in the beginning. It’s understandable and trust me, you’ll be okay. If most of us had known some of what I’m about to spill, level 100 would have been a lot easier on us.

1. Spending waaayy too much

We get it. You’re in a new environment and you’re supposed to figure out how to manage your own finances. Buying good always seems to be the easier option or sitting in a taxi instead of sweating while walking in the sun or buying every single book a lecturer talks about. Let me tell you. That money will finish in 2 weeks. Right now that you’re on your own, you have to create a budget. Know what is a luxury for you and avoid indulging too much. Cook most of the time so you can keep your money.

2. Staying indoors

Maybe you don’t want to get lost or you’re not a people’s person but staying indoors for too long is a mistake. Go out and explore especially if you have roommates in higher levels; let them go with you and show you around. If you have to go alone, do! There’s nothing better than reminiscing on how you got lost in level 100 when you’re in a higher level or telling a story of how you were standing right in front of your hall and you didn’t know it and you asked someone where your hall was and they laughed while showing you.

3. Not studying

Since your parents aren’t there to ask you to study and you’re free to move around as you please, you don’t want to study. After all, it’s just level 100 right? Wrong! Level 100 is when the basics are taught. If you don’t get it, the higher levels will be way harder to study. Also, the way the GPA system is, if you don’t do well and try to keep it at a second upper, it’s hard to pull your grades up eventually. You’ll be stuck in second lower for a while and you’ll have no option than to maintain it there unless you really dedicate your time to study.

Just try to talk to the continuing students around you and listen to their stories for inspiration. Know the home you’re coming from and let that dissuade you from doing anything silly and lastly, be yourself! You don’t have to pretend you’re something you’re not.

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  1. I have been given biotechnology and molecular biology which I don’t know much about and hence I’m so relaxed I don’t even feel like paying the fees


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