Things To Remember When Visiting A Newborn

We get that you’re excited that the baby is finally here and your friends or family members are finally parents but there are still some things to remember when you go visiting.

First things first, just as newborns are fragile so is their immune system and so it will be much better if you wait for a few weeks before you go and see them.

Secondly, call the parents before you get there; don’t show up unannounced. Even after you’ve discussed that you’ll be coming on a particular day, text them when you’re about leaving the house so that they’re reminded. The mother may be in the middle of a nap or feeding the baby, and she’d really appreciate the advanced notice.

Also, make the visit very short because the entire birthing process and interrupted sleep cycle is exhausting for the couple and their caretakers, and by extending your stay, you may be eating into their rest time.

Be very mindful of germs. Don’t visit when you’re sick, don’t send other kids until the baby is months old as kids are major carriers of germs, wash your hands when you arrive and please please please don’t kiss the baby!!

Lastly, try talking to the parents, especially the mother. Ask how she’s feeling, especially if this is her first birth. Giving birth is very difficult for some people and when they do, nobody really asks them how they’re doing; everyone’s attention is on the baby. When you send gifts for the baby, send gifts for the mum too.


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