Level 100s, Here Are 4 Things No One Warns You About Your University Roommates

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After SHS, you feel like you are ready for whatever types of roommates the university throws at you. You know my reaction to that? Lmaooo. Having roommates in the university is defintiely a whole different type of struggle. And that’s why you’re here. We’ve got a heads-up for you, just so that you’re not caught off guard by your roommates when they do these things.

The “Narrowing”

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Imagine that you’ve just had 6 hours of lectures back to back, and all you want to do is get back to your room, fall flat on your bed and cry into your pillow. Only you can’t do that because when you get back to your room, the door is locked. You can hear the fan whirring but nobody answers you because one of your roommates is doing the sex. Oh, you should also probably prepare yourself for your roommates’ boyfriends/girlfriends just spending way too much time in your room.

Prepare For The Nocturnal Activity

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At first it’s cool that you can sleep whenever you want. And all the activity around your hall even as late as midnight is kind of exciting. But that gets old quickly when you actually have to catch some Zs to function but your roommates are busy playing FIFA with the volume on what seems like one million.

Missing Food From The Fridge

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There’s an unspoken rule that any food you bring from the house belongs to the entire room. So your food isn’t just your food, it’s everyone’s food. And why should everyone feel some type of way about taking the last chicken in your stew that you were looking forward to eating after lectures.

You’re Going To Lose Some Stuff

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It’s the university, and we help each other out. Sometimes that means lending out your things to other people. However, when you lend stuff out always be prepared that you’re not going to get those things back the same way that you gave them out. Here’s a random example that is not based on a true story at all. You give out your rice cooker to the room across yours and one of the guys drops the cover and breaks the glass. Fun times.

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