5 Things Girls Secretly Want A Guy To Do Without Asking Them To

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Women are a little complex and if you plan on understanding them or why they do what they do, it may take the whole period you’re on this earth and you will still not understand us. In fact, we ourselves we don’t understand us, how much more you?

We’ve decided to give you a peak into what goes on in our minds with 5 things we secretly want you to do for us without us having to ask.

1. Make plans for us

This particular point is for boys we like. If we don’t like you and you do this, we won’t mind you. Tell us you want us to go out or you want us to come over so we Netflix and chill. We don’t want to be the ones asking everyday that “wyd” or “do you want me to come over?” Sometimes, take charge. We like it.

2. Take candid pictures of us

Even if we aren’t going to post them, we just like to have pictures like that of us. Cozied up, us fooling, anything. Those type of pictures are really cute! Having to ask you to take candid shots of us doesn’t sit right with us so you should magically know.

3. Good morning/ Good night texts

We want to be the first and last ones you text in the night; that’s really not too much to ask. Let us know you’re about to sleep and text us immediately you’re awake. It shows that you’re always thinking about us.

4. Reassurance

It’s normal for doubts and uncertainties to creep in but those once in a while reassurances help us keep realizing how much we love you and that feeling is mutual.

5. Show us off

Whether in real life or social media, show us off. It doesn’t have to be everyday and your page doesn’t have to always be about both of us and we know social media doesn’t define relationships but we like it. People don’t need to know everything about your relationship-just that you’re in one. It shows you’re proud to be with your girl.

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