Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Work Out With These Apps

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

One of the new year’s resolutions that hardly makes it past January is the resolution that people make to work out. A lot of people are not able to maintain the habit because making it to the gym everyday becomes a hustle, and before you know it, they have stopped working out altogether. So, why not consider home workouts using some quite effective apps. Here’s a list.

Leap Fitness Apps

Home Workout App

Searching for the Leap Fitness Group on your app store will bring up several workout apps by the Leap Fitness Group. They have so many apps because there’s an app for each part of your body that you might want to work out. There’s a Leap Fitness app for working out just your abs, there’s one for working out just your arms and so on. There are also general apps for full body workouts. The app keeps workouts short and has effective animations that teach you how to do workouts that you’ve never even seen before.

Fitify: Fitness And Home Workout

Fitify Workout App

Fitify was voted the Google PlayStore’s best fitness app of 2019, so you know it’s a good one. The app is available on iOS devices as well. The best thing about Fitify is that the app has over 850 workouts, and it creates plans for users based on experience and how long you want your workouts to be each time.

7 Minutes Workout

7 Minute Workout App

7 Minutes Workout is an app by Simple Design Limited, and the app is so good that it has even been featured in the New York Times. Just like it says in the name, each workout only lasts for 7 minutes, but if you use the app consistently, you will definitely see the results that you’re looking for.

These apps are all incredible, but it would be best if you just stuck to one instead of mixing things up too much. You can try each one out and see which of them best suits your needs.



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