7 Of The Most Overused Phrases In Job Adverts And What They Actually Mean

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When you’re applying for jobs, there are some buzzwords that you see very often in job adverts. Other than being clichés that make you cringe, those buzzwords usually have meanings that you might not be aware of. So, we put a list together. Here are some common buzzwords that you will see on job adverts and what they actually mean.

A “Reputable” Company

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Most of the job adverts that you will come across are supposedly being advertised by “reputable” companies. At this point, the word reputable is just something that employers seem to throw into every job ad because everyone else is doing it. Even start-ups and companies that you have never even heard of one time are reputable companies.

Duties May Vary

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When you see a job advert that says that duties in the role may vary, it means that everything that is listed on the job advert is just like 50% of the actual job. The other 50% will be a surprise when you actually start the job.

Good Leadership Skills Required

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This means that you will be working in a managerial position. Oh, except that you won’t be getting the salary that a manager is supposed to be earning.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

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This simply means that the employer is not looking for a candidate that is going to get on everyone’s nerves and cause trouble. So, do you have excellent interpersonal skills?

The Ability To Multitask

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This is code for “oh you’ll be casually expected to do the jobs of three people, but we’re just going to pay you for one.”

Salary GHC1000 Or Above Depending On Experience

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Bro, the salary for the role is Ghc1000.

A Fast Learner

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When a job advert says that an employer is looking for a fast learner, it usually means there isn’t really going to be a new employee training programme.

So, which of these are you familiar with? And did we miss any? Leave a comment below.

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