6 Types Of Ghanaians When Watching Movies

Drinks and corn! Portrait of a cheerful African couple watching a 3D movie enjoying their drinks and popcorn

Whether it’s watching movies on Netflix or with your family members especially your parents or going to the movies, we are sure whoever you’re with is one of these types of people. At the movies, you’ll find a lot more of these types of people.

1. The Confused ones

You’re watching the movie with them but for some reason, they don’t understand anything that’s going on. They’re always asking one question or another about what’s going on in the movie.

2. Those who always sleep

Ghanaian parents are all on this table. They’ll start watching the movie with you and midway, they’ll sleep. When they finally wake up when the movie is almost about to end, they have a million and one questions for you and at the end, they’ll ask you to rewind it to the part before they slept.

3. The hyenas

These people laugh at everything! Even when the scene isn’t funny. You can’t enjoy your movie with them because of their annoying laughter.

4. The commentator

The side comments from these ones will not allow you to even focus on the movie. They talk so much that you tend to listen to them and not the dialogue happening in the movie.

5. The hater

They’ll complain about everything as if they can produce a movie on their own. They see themselves as some kind of critic but they’re just haters. The movie can be okay but they’ll find a problem with everything from the actors to the storyline to the whole production. They’ll spoil the movie for you.

6. The loud foodie

You can hear them chew their popcorn and slurp their drinks so loudly and while they’re eating, some of them won’t stop passing comments. If this isn’t a deal breaker, then we don’t know for you.

Which of these people have you encountered? Let us know in the comments section.

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