4 Things People With Small Boobs Can Relate To

Being called flat chested and a boy, dealing with a non existent cleavage and having to deal with men staring at your nipples when you go out because there’s truly nothing to cover with a bra, welcome to the world of people with small boobs. Here are 4 things people in this boat have to deal with and can relate to.

1. Cleavage never happens

No matter how hard you try, that cleavage will never show. You can get a push up bra or wear a tighter top but you’ll get nothing. Your boobs will look a little bigger but that’s about it.

2. You can’t exactly go braless

Why? Because you have boobs but it’s like you don’t have boobs. Yes, depending on what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling, you can wear some things but it doesn’t happen everytime. You still struggle with boob tapes and nipple covers when you decide to go braless.

3. Being self conscious

People will always talk about how small your chest is. When you see even younger girls with bigger boobs, you start to question God. You wonder if your partner or future partner will be really okay with the size of your boobs. Just because our boobs are small doesn’t mean we don’t think about them.

4. Trying to find a bra that fits

Sometimes it’s the band size that is the problem. At other times it’s the padding or even the cup size itself. Trying to get a bra that fits so the band at the back isn’t raised and looks weird is always a hustle.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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