3 WhatsApp Alternatives That Aren’t Thirsty For Your Personal Information

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

In case you haven’t heard yet, WhatsApp is updating its privacy policy and that means a lot of your information is going to be shared with Facebook. You can read about that here. In case that’s all too invasive for you and you’re looking for replacement apps that you use instead, we’ve got you covered.


Making the switch to Telegram should be the easiest because a lot of people already use this app together with Whatsapp. Other than the Status feature and group video calls, Telegram can do everything that WhatsApp can and then some. You get access to an incredible sticker library, the ability to delete messages without the other person getting a notification and even the ability to edit messages you’ve sent.


Signal is a WhatsApp alternative that focuses heavily on privacy. That means that you get all the best parts of WhatsApp without your personal information being sent anywhere. Another really cool thing about signal is that it has in-built photo editor that allows you to edit photos before you send them. It also comes with disappearing messages and all that other good stuff.


Element is almost exactly like WhatsApp that you won’t really miss any features. However, it also doesn’t have stories and the user base is quite small.

You can pick any of these WhatsApp alternatives that you’re comfortable with, but the thing about all of these messengers is that you will need to have the people you’re going to be messaging on them as well.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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