Twitter Threatens To Permanently Suspend Donald Trump’s Twitter Handle

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Yesterday, supporters of Donald Trump besieged their houses of congress, which is the American equivalent of Parliament House.

The supporters went to the US Capitol to protest against the certification of the election results that would confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

The rioters entered the building and forced the elected officials to suspend proceedings for hours.

At the centre of this bracing attack on America’s democracy is President Trump, his tweets and his consistent claim that he won the election while also raising allegation of election rigging with no evidence to back up his claim.

Twitter, then took a stance and blocked some of President Trump’s tweets.

Then the microblogging company also released a statement calling out the American President and suspended his account for 12 hours.

In that same statement, they threatened to permanently suspend President Trump’s account if he continues to violate “Twitter Rules, including our Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies.”

Ahead of the 2020 election in America, Twitter rolled out a mechanism that fact-checked tweets from politicians and other political actors including Donald Trump.


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