All The Essential Clothes Every Fresher Needs In Their Wardrobe

A lot of freshers tend to think that the university is where they’ll start wearing “big girl clothes” or where they’ll rebrand themselves as adults by buying all sorts of clothes with or without their parents knowing.

Let me be frank with you. You don’t need a complete change in your wardrobe when entering the university. Even if you want new stuff, get things you’re comfortable in and not things you’ve seen girls wear online that you can’t wear if you’re home.

More than half of the time, the main reason why you’ll be outside your room is to go for lectures so you need lecture appropriate outfits. The rest, you can get later. Here are wardrobe essentials you need.

1. Jeans

You can wear all the types of jeans in your closet although you may need to be careful with those that are very tattered. Some lecturers will have a problem with it but then jeans should be number 1 in your closet.

2. Sneakers

You don’t need to get expensive ones. Get what you can afford and have it in your closet.

3. Tops, T – Shirts

Obviously you would need these to pair them with whatever bottom you want to wear. Crop tops can be worn so far as they’re not showing too much skin so it would be better if you wore something high waisted with it. Also, you can pair it with a denim jacket or boyfriend jacket.

4. Bags

Depending on the type of girl you are, you get the type of bag you need. A lot of people don’t use backpacks for lectures because you may need just one book. They use backpacks as laptop bags. You do not necessarily need to buy a handbag if you’re a lady. Handbags do not show that “you’re grown.” You can use crossbody bags that your books can fit into. Most guys ditch bags in level 200 and go to lectures with their exercise book folded into their back pocket.

5. Heels

Leave the heels for church or night outs. Nobody wears heels for lectures.

6. Church clothes

If you’re a Christian, there are numerous churches on campus for you. Don’t forget to carry your church clothes along.

7. Night out clothes

If you’ve never been out all night, the university is about to change that. You will need outfits like a little black bodycon dress, shorts, cropped tops and cut out dresses for nights like those.

We hope this list helped you out. If you have any questions on fashion in the University, let me know in the comments section so I answer them for you.


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