7 Essential Makeup Products To Get As A Fresher

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Usually, it’s when we are finally entering the university that our mothers will officially involve us in the makeup game. Prior to that, even though they may have allowed us to use some of their products, they always had some reservations. Now, you’re entering into the university and so they may give you the money to buy it on your own or will go with you to get it.

If you’re confused about the makeup products to get, we’re here to sort you out.

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1. Face Primer

Their main purpose is to keep your skin looking smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day long. There are different types which includes the ones that hydrates and brightens the skin for a dewy finish or makes it matte.

2. Foundation

Foundation creates an even, uniform color and covers flaws and, sometimes changes the natural skin tone.

3. Concealer

It’s used to shape your brows and highlight your face.

4. Eyebrow Pomade/brown pencil and Spoolie Brush

To draw your brows.

5. Eyeshadow palette

It is applied primarily to the eyelids to make the wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow can also be applied under eyes or to brow bones.

6. Eyeliner and mascara

As a beginner, it may be hard to fix false lashes so for the mean time, rely on your mascara to lengthen your lashes.

7. Lipstick/gloss

Finish your look with either a lipstick colour of your choice or gloss. You can also mix up the two options.

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