4 Signs That You Have A Controlling Partner

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According to Ghanaian Twitter, there is a certain level of toxic that is acceptable, even welcome, in relationships to keep them from being boring. However, if you end up feeling small or embarrassed whenever you’re with someone, it might be time to reevaluate that relationship. Here are some warning signs that you might have a controlling partner.

They Blame Everything On You

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If your partner is constantly throwing around phrases like “it’s all your fault,” and “you shouldn’t have done this,” even for events that are beyond your control, that is a sign that they might be too controlling.

They Criticize You All The Time

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Having a partner who is always looking to eat your confidence by passing comments about you (either in public or in private) is a sign that that person is controlling. You shouldn’t brush it aside or take it lightly if someone constantly exaggerates your flaws or is always searching for mistakes even when you go out of your way to try and please them.

They Keep Score

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If you have a partner that is constantly bringing up the things that they have done for you in order to make you feel indebted to them, then that person is manipulative. They always expect something in return when they do you a favour or they make sure you know that you owe them.

They Gaslight You

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It’s never a good sign when your partner underplays your experiences or tries to make you feel overly sensitive when you bring up something they did that bothers you. They might even flat out lie about events and make you second guess yourself.

If you’ve seen these signs in your partner, you might want to have a conversation with them or take measures to ensure that you’re being treated the way that you deserve.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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