3 Mobile Apps That Every YouTuber Needs

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Whether you already have a significant following, or you’re a new YouTuber looking to be more consistent with your videos, there are some apps that are definitely going to come in handy. Oh and if you’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, maybe these feature packed apps will finally convince you to take that plunge.

YouTube Creator Studio App

YouTube Creator Studio

The official YouTube creator app makes channel management faster and easier than you can imagine. Right from from your phone, you can monitor your channel, as well as video performance with easy-to-use analytics. You can also update video details and monetization settings, create and manage playlists and reply to comments and messages among others. As far as channel management goes, this is an all in one app that you absolutely should get if you have a YouTube channel.


Filmora Go

FillmoraGo is a video editor that has all the core features that you would expect in good video editor. That is, you can edit and put together multiple video clips, images and sounds, you can trim videos, merge, crop, rotate, add voice over and background music. However, if you’re downloading a non-native video editor you would expect it to have all of these features.

What sets FilmoraGo apart is that it has some very cool filters, and there are special effects and title effects that will elevate your video to the next level. Even an amateur can make a video that gives off a quite professional feel.

Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro

Camera Plus Pro is the final tool that every YouTuber should have in their toolbox. The app gives you more control over what you capture on your camera. You can make all those technical adjustments if you’re so inclined (adjust exposure, white balance, brightness, etc). In addition to those, there is are 9 live filters that you can apply and test out before you even start recording and you can specify the video quality that you want to shoot in.

Being a YouTube content creator has never been easier. Well, the technical aspects anyway. Now you can just focus on your energy on coming up with content that your viewers are going to go crazy over.

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