10 Types Of Roommates You’ll Meet In The University

Considering the fact that you’re all different humans and are coming from different backgrounds, there’s a good chance that you may or may not like your roommate. This is why it really isn’t advisable for a fresher to get a 2 in a room. You’ve paid for luxury but you may not be happy because the person you may be in the room with is the stark opposite of you and will not let you have any rest. You’ll have a bed but you’ll be perching in someone else’s room.

Despite this, there’s also the chance that whoever you’ll be in the room with will be your best friend for life and you’ll have some of the best memories with them. That being said, here are some types of roommates you’ll have or find out about in the University.

1. The Neat Freaks

These people don’t mean to be annoying but sometimes they manage to get on your last nerve with their impulse cleaning and arrangements. Try to clean up after yourself and just stay out of their way and ignore them if it’s getting too much.

2. Those who will never share stuff with you

Yet they’ll take your stuff to use. They will always come up with some sort of excuse so you don’t use their stuff.

3. Those who expect you to put back their stuff where you took them from

These people are not hard to deal with. You can use their stuff but once you’re done, put them where you found them. If it was washed, wash them after using them and put it back. Pretty simple.

4. Those who never leave the room

They usually won’t go for lectures but even if they do, they won’t stay out for long. Right after lectures, they’re back. If you want to do “things” with your partner in your room, it won’t work.

5. Those who are never in the room

You see them pop up once in a while to say hi and carry clothes but that’s it. Usually they’re not even counted as your roommates. They’re someone else’s.

6. Those who are really messy

They’ll use your saucepans to cook and just leave them there until you yourself decides to wash them. They never lay their beds. Their shoes are always scattered. The clothes in the wardrobes are never arranged. After you take it upon yourself to clean the room, once they come back, they’ll mess up everything again.

7. Those who like to cook

These people are blessings. You get to save a lot because they’re ever ready to cook any and everything and their food tends to be really nice too.

8. The noise makers

You always have to bring their attention to the fact that they’re making noise.

9. Those who always bring perchers

They always come with a sob story about the person and how they couldn’t get a room and you’ll feel bad for the percher and allow them to stay in your room. They usually grow wings after a while.

10. Those that will always make you laugh

No matter the situation in the room, you can count on them to lighten the atmosphere and make everyone laugh.

Which of these are you?

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